Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The List

1.      Bake ten vegan things (1/10 5th July 2012) (2/10 28th August 2012)
2.      Make ginger beer and limoncello
3.      Serve a course that is 100% local
4.      Make puff pastry
6.      Roll sushi
7.      Make ice cream (4th September 2011)
8.      Make sorbet
9.      Go fruit foraging
10.  Go to a food festival (24th July 2011)
11.  Bake a great cheesecake
12.  Have a proper martini
13.  Try 20 new places to eat or drink
14.  Make a rainbow cake (16th May 2011)
15.  Take a cooking class (6th November 2012)
19.  Cook every recipe from one cookbook
20.  Make a Key Lime Pie
21.  Finish the lounge flooring
22.  Use resuable bags for food shopping
23.  Learn to pole dance
24.  Get married (19th May 2012)
25.  Get an allergy test
27.  Pass practical test (18th November 2011)
28.  Run 5k solidly
29.  Finish that sodding paralegal assignment
30.  Learn to knit something (1st January 2012)
31.  Learn a poem or sonnet by heart
32.  See the sunset at Glastonbury Festival from the Stone Circle
34.  Upcycle a piece of clothing
35.  Use Wii Fit everyday for 30 days
36.  Go on at least 20 bike rides with new bike
37.  Fly a kite
38.  Send flowers to a friend
39.  Ride a horse
40.  Keep a house plant alive for a year
41.  Carve a pumpkin
42.  Make something personal for the wedding
43.  Have a garden party
44.  Have a tea party
45.  Start a Christmas tradition
46.  See some live comedy show
48.  Have three wardrobe clearouts
49.  Finish a jigsaw puzzle
50.  Have fresh flowers in the house for two months, replacing them when they are dead
51.  Have two shoe clearouts
52.  No takeaway for 30 days
53.  Use a hula hoop
54.  Reduce debt by at least £1000
55.  Visit Scotland
56.  Play on a swing
57.  Go to V&A museum
58.  Book a honeymoon (4th April 2012)
59.  Book a weekend away (6th March 2011)
60.  Cook a meal from a cuisine I haven't cooked before
62.  Finish 50% of this list
63.  See a landmark (6th March 2011)
64.  Go to the Tate
66.  Create a new 101 things list in 1001 days
67.  Buy a coffee machine (6th November 2012)
68.  Buy a bike
69.  Buy a new pair of wellies
70.  Buy a pair of good walking shoes
71.  Buy a piece of vintage jewellery
72.  Buy a new pair of work heels (4th September 2011)
73.  Get a new set of mugs
74.  Get an address book and put addresses in it
75.  Buy a pair of blue shoes (5th October 2011)
76.  Make lunch every day for a month
77.  Own a pair of diamond earrings
79.  Take a picture that encapsulates 'love'
81.  Print and frame a photo
82.  Get the cottage a name plaque
83.  Clean out the shed
84.  Paint the kitchen
85.  Put up a shelf in the kitchen
86.  Grow ten different veg in the garden in one year
87.  Grow potatoes in a sack
88.  Plant a tree
89.  Grow some flowers
90.  Make a piece of jewellery
91.  Re-do scrapbook
92.  Press and frame some flowers
93.  Take one photo every month and create a calendar
94.  Make something crafty for the house
95.  Take one photo, every day, for a year
96.  Finish the Hitchcock film box set
97.  Finish the X-Files box set
98.  Release ten books with Book Crossing
99.  Read five classic novels
100.           Read War and Peace
101.           Read five books recommended by friends

Some things I have done already.  Some things I haven't.  I'll explain them as I do them. Sorry about all the foody ones.  I like food.  A lot.  When I have done one, I'll post about it and turn the relevant item on the list to a link too show it is done along with the date.  

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