Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Start

The List.

Will be completed tomorrow.  I promise.

Lots of people have enriched their lives and, often, filled it with the sense of achievement after completing their lists.  I've read some peoples lists and they are frankly amazing.  There are some truly great things that some people set out to do and actually complete!

Mine is humble in comparison.

The inspiration came from here.

The basic concept is you list 101 things and have 1001 days to do them.  It's a much more achievable concept than setting out to do things within a year or perhaps a New Years resolution.  I'm crap with resolutions.  The only one I have completed is quitting smoking.  That's it.

So I'm not going to deviate off The List.  I'm not going to change The List.  For everything that I don't do on The List, I'll donate £5 to a chosen charity.

Tomorrow is Day One.  Tomorrow is List Day.

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